A collaboration between artists Cat Spencer and Sean Taal for the community of the Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre. In partnership with the City of Calgary, our goal was to promote awareness about mental health care and generate community based, creative self expression. We think it is important to promote awareness about mental health since it creates a comfortable space for people to address this topic. It is of our interest to point out that human emotion is a natural and healthy part of the human psyche. This project aimed to encourage a visual, emotional response, while highlighting the multitude of mental health programs available at the centre. 
Normalizing the discussion of emotions is integral to active mental health care. Through the use of an art therapy exercise, drawing how you feel, we paved a positive avenue for a public conversation on mental health. Anonymous drawing response forms, accompanied by yellow boxes were created,  and placed throughout the Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre and the surrounding community. These anonymous responses were periodically gathered and used to make an alternative map, according to color and time collected. This mapping method allowed us to display a range of individual emotion and interpretation of color in relation to emotion. The map actively grew and changed throughout the entirety of the installation, thus giving community members a continuous, public outlet for emotion.

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