Catherine Spencer is an interdisciplinary artist specializing in installation and social art practice. Originally from Vancouver BC she completed her bachelor of fine arts at the University of British Columbia and in part with the University of New South Wales. She moved to Alberta in 2015 to work for the City of Calgary’s public art program and for the education department of the Leighton Art Centre. Her work has been recognized in Canada, Australia and Japan. 
Living in various countries and being exposed to different cultures for significant periods of time, her work is inspired by different means of communication and individual explanations of information. Through community workshops and installations she initiates the discussion of subjective experiences in hopes of offering small insights into another's existence. These discussions have been used to create interpersonal connections, provide public information and to help language learners communicate in a second language.
Currently, Catherine lives in Miyagi, Japan, where she working in language education for a municipal school district. In turn she is learning Japanese language and culture so that she can deepen her understanding of communication. 
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